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Each Year, a proportion of residential and commercial energy consumers attempt to gain electricity and gas without paying for their use.  Aside from the costs that are ultimately borne by all honest paying customers, this activity often results in crude, home-made and makeshift meter bypasses that often risks the lives of the culprits, their cohabitants, neighbours and property.

It also plays a role in the production of illegal drugs (cannabis). Consequently, it is related to much wider social and environmental impacts such as organised crime, human trafficking, public health concerns, and wider community impacts.  

Energy theft is a significant issue.  Critically, public perception is such that, the risks associated with energy theft are not widely understood.  The risks of being caught are low, as is the possibility of adequate sanctions being applied. This means that the deterrent factor is also low, exposing the public and communities to consequences that go far beyond lost revenue (estimated value of energy theft across Great Britain could be as much as £440 million each year).

Those that take advantage of the illegal abstraction of energy, probably do so because they believe they may not be caught.  In part, their perceptions fuelled by the various agencies involved not adopting a joined-up approach.

The UKRPA, therefore, calls for a more robust multi-agency model approach.  We believe that if all the respective organisations can coordinate/work together, this will lead to improved public safety, reduced crime, whilst also securing the achievement of the individual organisational objectives (i.e. the outcomes will be mutually reinforcing).  

Through a shared understanding of organisational challenges and constraints, we aim to explore and define the steps that can be taken which will lead to the adoption of UK-wide multi-agency collaborative model/approach.

The UKRPA will be inviting key design makers from across a number of institutions and organisations to join us for the first ever multi-agency UKRPA Summit, due to take place in July 2017.

If you are an agency, institution or organisation that plays a role in the detection of crime, illegal drugs, criminal justice and prosecutions, public health and safety, and /or energy theft, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to be considered as a UKRPA Summit participant.

The UKRPA was formed in the late 1990’s to help tackle concerns around Energy Theft.  It now has 21 member organisations who regularly share best practice in the detection, investigation and prosecution of those that steal energy.   Our members are well trained and manage all incidents with the utmost focus on ‘safety first’ principles, whilst having proper regard to their legal obligations and responsibilities towards those households that are considered vulnerable.

The UKRPA believes that energy theft is an abhorrent practice which must be rooted out.  However, this requires a coordinated effort by all the organisations involved, i.e. not just energy companies, but also other agencies such as the police, fire, local authorities, Environmental Health, landlords, and the Crown Prosecution Service. Ultimately, we also need public support to help us with the detection of energy theft as and when it occurs and to immediately report any such incidents they come across. 

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